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The inspirational and captivating story of how ECOMAN an organic gardener and social entrepreneur took the business of green global.

‘Business as usual’ is not the answer; it might even be the problem... read more

By Malcolm Rands

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The story of how Malcolm Rands, an organic gardener and hippy from Northland, built the pioneering global brand ecostore.

This inspirational memoir gives an insight into the mind of an entrepreneur, activist and true Kiwi ‘superhero'. It's a fascinating story of humble beginnings, taking on the multinationals and their nasty chemicals, bucking the trend and setting a new standard of healthier living.

At latest count, there are more than 84,000 chemicals in existence for commercial use, with 1000 new ones being developed every year. The problem is that many of these chemicals have not been adaequately tested for safety yet are used in the products we use in and around our homes every day.

Malcolm is more determined than ever to work toward restoring the health and wellbeing of New Zealand by making it easier for people to be green. This book includes his tips on how to green up your home and office, his thoughts on New Zealand's ‘pure' image and some timely lessons in sustainability.

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Wednesday 13th November
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In the news

Living the eco life

Malcolm's story was featured on TV3 recently. Come and take a look around the eco village in New Zealand, meet some of his neighbours including a very curious lamb and find out from Malcolm and his wife Melanie about some of the ideas that led to the start of ecostore.
TV3, Campell LIVE

ecoman playing his favourites on national radio

Did you know Malcolm used to be in a rock band? It makes for an interesting choice of music when he's given the chance to play some of his favourites with the wonderful Kim Hill on National Radio – have a listen here (MP3)
National Radio, Kim Hill

Malcolm Rands, AKA Ecoman, talks to Brian Kelly

Malcolm Rands - Entrepreneur, Activist, Artist and Kiwi Superhero, Aka Ecoman has written a book about his life. He talks to Brian Kelly about it.
Coast Radio, Brian Kelly


Ecoman the untold story by his daughter Ahi Rands.

Early reviews of ECOMAN are looking good…

"Before starting the review of Ecoman by Malcolm Rands, I was expecting it to be a slog; a tedious, hair-shirted, finger-wagging tale of me being told off for existing. Well, delightedly, it was breeze. This 256 page part autobiography, part business and life philosophy, part questioning of modern commercial practice, is just that… He has convinced me to be more concerned for myself and for the wider environment around what cleaning and bodycare products I use. Rands has written an interesting, thought-provoking book, and it is published by a reputable company in Random House. In a world where publishing anything in hardcopy is increasingly seen as a risk, it obviously also sees merit, and a dollar, in putting his ideas out there."
– Peter Kerr

"This book will change the way you think about business equally as much as it will change the way you think about the nasties you flush down the sink."
– Mark Godenho

"Just reading your book at the moment and wanted to say thanks a great read, really takes me back to the time through the 70s and 80s. How naive we were - which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing."
– Leon Clarke

"Have just read from cover to cover will def be a worn book on the bookshelf."
– Lyds Harvey

"Just finished your book - I had  thought, 'why would you buy a book about someone you know'? I was so wrong, the book is fantastic, congratulations. I never knew that so much had happened, and the business has been through so many twists and turns. Bloody great."
– Denise

About the Author

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Malcolm Rands, whose personal and business stories are told in Ecoman, is the founder and CEO of ecostore, New Zealand's leading manufacturer and retailer of plant-based household cleaning, body care and baby care products that are healthier for people and the environment with no nasty chemicals.

After travelling and working as a radiographer in Australia, the USA and the UK, Malcolm returned to New Zealand and a career in the community arts. A combined interest in fostering communities and green activism led Malcolm and friends to establish an eco-village in Northland. From there, Malcolm and wife Melanie started ecostore in 1993. A move to Auckland to set up an iconic store in Auckland's Freemans Bay led to further growth and the creation of a state of the art ISO14001, carboNZero certified manufacturing facility with world renowned scientist Sir Ray Avery leading their product development. It is a new business model where a commercial business supports a not-for-profit business, the Fairground Foundation.

For two years Malcolm appeared on TVNZ's Good Morning Show as ‘Ecoman', giving advice on how to ‘green up' your life. As well as an astute businessman, Malcolm is still a keen organic gardener. He lives between Auckland and his permaculture eco-village in Northland.

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